Jessie Prescott

Jessie was a normal girl when she grew up in Texas but when she decides to live her life in New York her life changes. She gets a taxi when she gets there and wants to go to apartment to find a place to live, and then the driver pushes her out of the taxi when gets to the apartment then the doorman runs out to help her up ,and suddenly has a chrush on her but Jessie does not, for now. Then a little girl comes out and says, "Come with me" and grabbs Jessie's arm and brings her up to her apartment. Her apartment is huge!!!! And her name was Zuri. Then Zuri said, " Will you be my new nanny?" ,Then Jessie says," I actually am looking for a different job sweety, I'm really sorry. Then Zuri says," Please please please." Then Jessie said, " Fine, why so much begging only if I have to take care of one sweet child." Then two boys and one girl come in and are fighting so Jessie walks up and put her hands out to block them from hitting each other. And then Jessie finally under understands and she got examended by Christina and Morgon Ross who are very famous. And then suff gets even better she got the job and found out there is a buttler named Burtrum